Monday, 30 December 2013

Dirt 3 Monte Carlo Mayhem!

Monte Carlo is by far my favourite collection of map tracks!! The novelty of these maps after downloading the DLC was, for me, immense. I couldn't, and I still can not get enough of them. The switching between the three different road surfaces, tarmac, gravel and ice gives enough to worry about alone, not to mention the nauseating feeling as you ride the cliff edges at high altitude!

The picture below shows me stopping to take a break and inhale the atmosphere lol.

Dirt 3 Monte Carlo Mayhem

The tracks within these stages are narrow to say the least. For this very reason the intense feeling and adrenaline rush is very much on the high side. All too often you will encounter a deceiving corner or curve in the road. These will lead you into a false sense of security as you think you are on the right path by following what you think is the correct racing line, only for the dynamics to change. An example would be a sudden acute angle in an otherwise shallow bend or even an obstacle (end of fence or rock protrusion) that would interrupt your otherwise perfect racing line. Another break in your momentum can be caused by the numerous chicane bends. Monte Carlo has the highest occurrence per mile of chicane bends and will really test your cornering skills.

The hazard level of the ice surfaces in Monte Carlo is extremely high and is like nothing I have experienced in any other environment. Yes, you have snow in Aspen and Norway but this is fresh snow and is no where near as slippery as the ice in Monte Carlo. This ice takes "slippery" to a new level whereby you really have to think differently all of a sudden on how you will manoeuvre yourself over this sheet of glass when in contact. As soon as you see road again, down goes the pedal to the metal!

Monte Carlo probably tests most, if not all of your skill set in one stage. For that reason I rate Monte the best and most addictive set of stages in Dirt 3. Sadly, not everyone has this track pack downloaded, so it is difficult to find Monte Carlo tracks included in on-line Jam Sessions. The best way is to pin point the friends in your list that do have this pack and organise regular sessions amongst yourselves.

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  1. Good driving. Well, I think most pf the players got complete edition now in online gaming. I where thinking of one thing here. I didnt here the co driver. Do you use him or not? Or did you just decrease the voice from co-driver.
    Yes, it takes some time to learn these narrow corners. I dont know how many times Ive slipped over the fence and been fallen 50 meters down. Everytime I get upset but I am trying again, and again. It is like a poison. I feel like I have to make these tracks working. I beleive the raid cars is the most difficult cars to drive here.

    1. I had to record this in replay mode, that is why there is no co-driver voice available. When I record gameplay in real time my computer's performance is not great.

      I totally agree! The RAID cars are by far the most difficult for Monte Carlo, given their size and width on those narrow roads. You also need cars with quick responses in acceleration and braking with tight steering to cope with those sudden corners. This is so not the RAID collection. But fun if you see it as an incredible challenge!

    2. I see it as a challenge. Well the Monte carly wrc starts today. See more on


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